Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anzac Biscuit Bake-Off

Our kitchen has been a flurry of activity this afternoon with Gerri's husband, Pat, baking three batches of Anzac biscuits each from a different recipe.

Why three different recipes?

Pat is an entrant in his work's Annual Awesome Anzac Cookie Cook-Off (AAACCO), which is being judged tomorrow by a panel of three judges. So, his Anzac biscuits have to be perfect! (It's very serious business...)

The recipes tested were the classic Australian Woman's Weekly, old faithful Country Women's Association, and more modern Donna Hay.
Here is the first batch (and our personal favourite)...
The second batch straight out of the oven...
Finally, the third batch with their baker...
Pat and Gerri's son, Archie, also wanted a taste too!
He was a very big helper picking the rosemary. Rosemary grew on the fields of Gallipoli, and is a symbol of remembrance on Anzac Day.
Nice Anzac biscuit baking, Pat - Good luck tomorrow!

We are excited to be announcing the winner of the Heart Care Partner's AAACCO. We will make the announcement on Anzac Day, and will include a photo of the winner, as well as the winning recipe. Stay tuned!

Carole & Gerri

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